Tailored Market Studies
for Your Business Success

Fundamental to the support of our member companies and clients is to collect and prepare crucial information needed to assess the competitiveness of our members’ products or services within the U.S. market.

We make available a wide range of detailed market studies that are personalized to the needs of each company.

Tailored Market Studies <br>for Your Business Success

Exploring Market Dynamics in the United States

As part of this analysis, we evaluate the current market environment in the United States in a timely and ongoing basis, paying particular attention to the competition and distribution options. These services support the ability to accurately assess the marketing and sales opportunities available for the products or services offered by the company.

Our market studies offer detailed information pertaining to:

Market size

U.S. market product specifications

Competitive product pricing

Emerging trends

Information on potential distribution partners

Direct competitors including market share and geographic concentration

Building Strategies for Success in the United States

Our researched information contributes to building the reliable foundation necessary to effectively launch products and/or services into the U.S. market. Upon completion of a market study, we offer additional options, streamlining a company’s entry and paving the path for success in the U.S. market.

Contact Information
Contact Information
Ignacio Garaeta Manager International Business Promotion +1 (646)  868  0203 igaraeta@spainuscc.org
Freddy Guerron Specialist International Business Promotion +1 (646)  868  0202 fguerron@spainuscc.org

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