Building Connections and
Fostering Business Growth

Founded in New York in 1959, the Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce has become one of the leading transatlantic business organizations fostering economic ties between the two countries.

Our guiding mission is to advance, promote and assist in the expansion of bilateral trade and investment between Spain and the United States.

Building Connections and <br>Fostering Business Growth

A Not-for-Profit Membership Institution

The Chamber is a not-for-profit, membership institution that represents the interests of companies that have established, or are interested in establishing, business and commercial relations between Spain and the United States.

The Chamber Brings Together Businesses

Ranging from individual entrepreneurs to large corporations, our membership includes the most important and influential companies from both countries, including major players in banking, energy, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, accountancy, law, management/business consultancy, fashion, food and beverages, airlines and furnishing.

Measurable Business Expansion Opportunities

We offer our members effective, measurable opportunities for business expansion through top-tier networking, targeted marketing platforms, and events. Top-quality business intelligence and regulatory advice and oversight are also a part of our support services. Our services can help members and clients meet their business goals faster and more easily and efficiently.

The Chamber fosters favorable connections among its members and an extensive network of business entities, governmental bodies, professional groups, trade associations, and influential figures.

Offices in New York and Texas

The Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce has offices in New York and Texas and is an official chamber of commerce of Spain recognized by the Ministry of Economy, Commerce, and Enterprise of Spain.

New York
+1 212 967 2170 info@spainuscc.org

80 Broad Street, Suite 2103
New York, NY 10004

+1 212 967 2170 info@spainuscc.org

2414 Tangley Street
Houston, TX 77005

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