Information and Advice Regarding
the Spanish and the U.S. Markets

The Chamber not only conducts market studies but also provides guidance to its members and clients in navigating both the Spanish and U.S. markets, offering comprehensive technical support.

We cater to your specific needs by either directly providing our services or facilitating connections with suitable partners in the United States or Spain to address your inquiries.

Information and Advice Regarding <br>the Spanish and the U.S. Markets

The Chamber's Guidance for U.S. and Spanish Business Ventures

For those companies or entities interested in investing in the United States or in Spain, the Chamber will help them connect with the appropriate local partners or agencies.

Whether they are looking for a product or service supplier, distributor or business associate, we can help them find the right partner in no time as they will benefit from our powerful business network.

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Contact Information
Ignacio Garaeta Manager International Business Promotion +1 (646)  868  0203 igaraeta@spainuscc.org
Freddy Guerron Specialist International Business Promotion +1 (646)  868  0202 fguerron@spainuscc.org

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