April 3, 2024

IE University, Recognized by the Financial Times for its Educational Innovation and Commitment to Sustainability

IE University has been included in the Financial Times Responsible Business Education Awards 2024 in recognition of its innovative educational content and commitment to sustainability. The Financial Times highlighted IE University’s immersive simulation “Eye in the Storm: your role in climate change action”, a project developed by Isabela del Alcázar, Global Head of Sustainability at IE University and Gonzalo Delacámara, Director of the IE Center for Water & Climate Adaptation, in collaboration with IE University’s Digital Learning team.

“We are honored that the Financial Times recognizes the immersive and innovative learning we promote at IE University, as well as our commitment to sustainability, a central part of our identity, a key part of our educational experience and the development of responsible leaders,” said Isabela del Alcázar.


“This simulation reflects the transformative power of technology applied to education, and is an example of the implementation of immersive, virtual reality environments to prepare our students to face the challenges facing our planet.”, Isabela del Alcázar, Global Head of Sustainability at IE University.


‘Eye in the Storm’ is a virtual reality experience that places students in the middle of a powerful hurricane, the consequences of which trigger the need to act on climate change. The aim is to raise awareness of the severe impact of climate change on our planet and our economic and social development. After the virtual reality session, students participate in a guided role-play in a multimedia environment where they analyze climate challenges from different points of view. The educational experience ends with a class discussion on mitigation and adaptation policies.

This innovative educational experience uses virtual reality, interactive digital content and immersion as catalysts for learning, illustrating the Liquid Learning methodology applied at IE, as well as promoting critical thinking in students. Thousands of students in IE University’s Bachelor’s, Master’s and Executive Education programs have used ‘Eye in the Storm’ since its launch at the end of 2022.

IE University was recently recognized as one of the most innovative universities in the world at the QS Reimagine Education Awards 2023 held in Abu Dhabi. This year, more than 1,200 educational proposals designed by universities and specialized companies around the world to improve the student experience have participated in the competition.

As part of its academic commitment, IE University has dedicated more than 15,800 hours of training to sustainability-related content, which accounted for 9% of the total number of sessions taught, 38% more than in 2019-2020. As a reflection of this academic commitment, the Financial Times recognizes IE University as the best institution in the world for ESG and Net Zero content training in its 2023 MBA Ranking. In terms of its social legacy, pro-bono hours dedicated by students, faculty and staff to social impact projects increased by 25% in 2022-2023 compared to the previous year.

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