July 11, 2023

Garrigues Publishes the 2022 Sustainability Report Detailing the Progress Made in Terms of their ESG Commitment

The new Garrigues report (previously known as the ‘Integrated Report’) includes the Non-Financial Information Statement and marks a major step forward in the firm’s sustainability reporting.

For the 17th year running, we have published our annual report on the firm’s impact from an environmental, social and governance perspective, relating to 2022. This year’s report, known as the Sustainability Report, marks a turning point in the firm’s non-financial reporting by merging the traditional Integrated Report and the Non-Financial Information Statement (required by current corporate legislation) into a single document.

The new Garrigues Sustainability Report has taken into account the most recent GRI Standards in force (including the 2021 GRI 1, GRI 2 and GRI 3 standards) and has been verified by an independent auditor. The report includes key factors and metrics such as the four pillars of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and content from the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) for the first time. Another major new feature is the standardization and expanded scope of the report, providing a much broader focus and including comparative data from the last three years.

Our sustainability commitments

The new report details the progress made, commitments given, projects implemented and challenges faced by Garrigues in terms of sustainability over the course of 2022. In the social sphere, we notably launched the Fourth Equality Plan and committed to digital skills training for all our professionals; as regards environmental factors, we focused on reducing emissions and promoting energy efficiency, making us once again one of the European companies leading the fight against climate change (Financial Times-Statista Europe’s Climate Leaders 2022); and in relation to governance, we particularly reviewed and adapted our compliance management system to incorporate best practices. The firm’s digital transformation efforts are also front and center among the year’s highlights.

All of our ESG initiatives fall within Garrigues’ five major commitments to its main stakeholders: commitment to clients and business development; commitment to people, diversity and equal opportunities; commitment to society through pro bono work and community outreach; commitment to the university community and research; and commitment to the environment and climate action.

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