Mar 17

Tax Briefing

Event Description

TAX BRIEFING – U.S. Resident Individual Tax Obligations and Tax Requirements for Foreign Owned U.S. Limited Liability Companies

Please join us for an informative tax briefing on the U.S. individual tax obligations, including the U.S. taxation of foreign investments while being a fiscal resident in the United States, and the tax filing requirements of foreign owned U.S. limited liability companies (LLCs). Our experts will answer your questions and guide you through a range of topics, some of which will include special tax regimes and formal obligations for Spanish residents. This workshop will also be useful for any individual with investments in Spain, as well as U.S. nationals moving to Spain.

This webinar has been organized in collabaration with the seven Consejos de Residentes Españoles (CREs).


Belarmino Suarez Managing Partner SuarezBaldomero CPAs
Federico Gonzalez Partner GC Legal

Collaborating Entities

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