May 19

Legal and tax issues regarding wills and inheritance in Spain

Event Description

Join us in this virtual session dedicated to answering the most common questions and concerns that may arise from a legal and tax perspective when addressing an inheritance distribution coming from Spain, as well as the treatment of assets located in Spain inherited by non-residents.

  • When does Spanish inheritance law apply?
  • What types and forms of wills are there? What happens in the absence of a will?
  • Can I waive inheritance rights?
  • What are the legal provisions for distributions under the Civil Code? Do they apply to all Autonomous Communities or are there exceptions?
  • What is the tax treatment of estates and distributions in Spain and what are the differences among Autonomous Communities?
  • Who must pay the required taxes and when must they be paid?
  • Can the taxes applicable to an inheritance be optimized?


Joseba Sáez Partner Garrigues
Fernando Varga Partner Garrigues

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