May 6

LEAP Forward 2021: (RE)Build Smarter


Event Description

While the world’s demand for energy and clean water continue to grow alongside greenhouse gases, companies throughout Europe and the United States are devising innovative solutions to address these global concerns. With the United States back among Paris accord signatories, the transatlantic relationship will be key force in developing and implementing financially viable sustainability models.

Access details will be provided 48 hours before the event.


Stewart Leeth Chief Sustainability Officer Smithfield
Tina Owens Senior Director of Agriculture Danone
Antonis Papadourakis President & CEO Lanxess
Oshik Efrati CEO & Co-Founder HomeBiogas
Arnout Dijkhuizen Investment Director Engie
Patrice Duboe Executive VP, CTIO South & Central Europe Capgemini
Clyde (Skip) E. Rankin, III Partner Baker McKenzie

About LEAP Atlantic


Collectively, the 20 participating bi-national European Chambers of Commerce – LEAP Atlantic – reach over 4,000 member companies and tens of thousands of European and American business leaders across the New York area, as well as around the world.

The European bi-national Chambers of Commerce have worked together for decades, producing world-class events in New York City, including the annual European Spring Networking Event at the Central Park Boathouse, various European Start-up Pitch Nights and other multi-Chamber events.  These gatherings are known for their high-quality audience, content and atmosphere.

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