May 27

LEAP Forward 2021: Live Healthier


Event Description

Join us on May 27th for Live Healthier, the final installment of our three part LEAP Forward business trends series that will cover trends in healthcare.

As the digital revolution continues to leave its mark on all aspects of our lives it is increasingly reshaping healthcare, transforming traditional approaches at a rapid pace. Systems are being overhauled using technology to enhance the entire patient journey, from diagnosis to treatment to follow-up and wellness programs. At the heart of this digital healthcare transformation is a focus on patient engagement throughout the process. That means really taking into account the patient’s perspective. This approach will ultimately lead to healthcare systems that are more effective, humane and cost-effective.

Access details will be provided 48 hours before the event.


Kerstin Wagner EVP Global Marketing & Sales Operations Siemens Healthineers
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Kerstin Wagner

Kerstin has extensive experience in the world of Invitro Diagnostics (IVD). At Siemens Healthineers she has held several leading positions in R&D, product line management, global and regional marketing and customer management, before being appointed to her current role. Kerstin has a broad experience in business and policy related matters, including value-based care and healthcare industry trends. Kerstin currently represents Siemens Healthineers IVD interests on the Board of MedTech Europe. In her current role, Kerstin leads Siemens Healthineers global Diagnostics marketing strategy, focusing on establishing an ecosystem of cross-industry alliances and partnerships while engaging in the digital transformation of healthcare. She is also an active mentor in the Cherie Blair Foundation, helping women starting their own business in low to mid-income countries.

Matthieu Bracchetti Founder and CEO Virtual Rangers
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Matthieu Bracchetti

Matthieu started his career in engineering, and has worked in a variety of industries over the past years. He acquired his broad experience from leading a Luxembourgish engineering company, to managing an IT company before eventually starting his own journey: the creation of Virtual Rangers. His main expertise lies in developing unique training and marketing solutions for established brands, but he has also accompanied numerous cultural entities in their implementation of VR / AR projects. Through showcasing the power of VR in multiple contexts, Matthieu looks forward to investing his expertise and using virtual solutions to help enhance the growth of the Luxembourgish ecosystem on a more global scale.

Bhavdeep Singh CEO HealthQuarters
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Bhavdeep Singh

Bhavdeep Singh is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience and has held senior executive roles in Retail, Healthcare and HR. He has worked across multiple geographies and has a strong track record of building and leading great teams whilst delivering exceptional results. Today, Bhavdeep is the CEO of HealthQuarters, a new and exciting start up that is bringing together clinical care and multiple wellness providers on one platform. He and the HQ team recently launched their first location in NYC which has been done in collaboration with Mount Sinai and they are now looking at an aggressive roll out plan to launch up to 100 locations in the next 3 to 5 years.

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