Apr 22

LEAP Forward 2021: Innovate Faster


Event Description

Innovation in the digital realm has been a leading driver of European and American economies while transatlantic technology investment is giving rise to not only start-ups, but to global market leaders.

During this panel, which is the first in a three-part series, we will identify how successful transatlantic ventures are achieving success and hear from experts on opportunities for additional cross-border investment.

Access details will be provided 48 hours before the event.


Wim Sweldens Chief Architect & Co-Founder Kiswe
Loral Quinn Co-Founder & CEO Sustainably
Deepak Murthy Founder & Managing Partner Gaia Equity
Javier de la Torre Founder & Chief Strategy Officer Carto

About LEAP Atlantic


Collectively, the 20 participating bi-national European Chambers of Commerce – LEAP Atlantic – reach over 4,000 member companies and tens of thousands of European and American business leaders across the New York area, as well as around the world.

The European bi-national Chambers of Commerce have worked together for decades, producing world-class events in New York City, including the annual European Spring Networking Event at the Central Park Boathouse, various European Start-up Pitch Nights and other multi-Chamber events.  These gatherings are known for their high-quality audience, content and atmosphere.

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