Apr 16

Key Elements of a Successful Corporate Compliance Program

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We invite you to join us for an informative briefing on the essential features of a successful compliance program. Vin DiCianni from Affiliated Monitors will highlight the value of having a program that is tailored to your company, and how an effective compliance program is achievable through education, detection, and internal remediation of corporate behaviors.

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Vincent L. DiCianni President and Founder Affiliated Monitors
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Vincent L. DiCianni

Vincent L. DiCianni founded Affiliated Monitors, Inc., and has served as the company president since its inception in 2004. Affiliated Monitors was established to provide services that offer government regulators new, effective and beneficial alternative sanctions to suspension, revocation or debarment. When Affiliated Monitors started, very few agencies used a probationary tool of independent monitoring to help businesses address compliance and ethical deficiencies through remediation. Mr. DiCianni was one of the leading proponents of agencies incorporating third party monitoring as a sanction that allows a business or individual to remain in business while fulfilling remedial efforts to the satisfaction of an oversight agency. Prior to Affiliated Monitors, Mr. DiCianni started his legal career as an Assistant Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under then Attorney General Frank Bellotti. Subsequently, he worked in private practice for twenty years and handled many matters before regulatory boards and agencies. In his law practice, he litigated matters in healthcare, construction, public utilities, alcohol, employment and civil rights matters. Throughout Mr. DiCianni’s 26 years of experience as an attorney, he represented professionals and businesses regulated by both public and private standards of conduct. In addition to his law practice, Mr. DiCianni served as an instructor for Anna Maria College for thirteen years (1985-1998). One area of concentration in his course work focused on ethics and standards of conduct. Over the course of his career, he developed a passion for the understanding, development, analysis, and application of standards of conduct, codes of ethics and the drivers of ethical behavior and norms in companies and those individuals who run them. The depth of understanding, knowledge and experience in the field of business ethics is the foundation on which Affiliated Monitors was created and what drives the company. Mr. DiCianni has served as the lead monitor for many corporate and professional monitorships. His work includes leading assessments of companies’ ethics and compliance programs and cultures. Mr. DiCianni has also been a spokesman on independent monitoring across the United States and Europe on the topics of compliance through the eyes of an independent monitor, the benefits of third party assessments for companies, trends in compliance for multi-national corporations, and making remedial discipline work. He was interviewed by Ethics Intelligence on “How can a company benefit from a Third-party Assessment of its Ethics and Compliance Program”. Mr. DiCianni is a member of the American Bar Association and its Suspension and Debarment and Public Contract sections. He is also a member of the American Health Lawyers Association. Affiliated Monitors has also filled a need for the private sector to take steps to regulate itself and aid the government in regulating and ensuring compliance with government and internal standards, regulations, and standards of ethical conduct. The services provided by Affiliated Monitors offer professionals and businesses a practical understanding of the complex regulatory requirements they must follow and the ability to incorporate compliance into their daily operations. Now in its fourteenth year, Affiliated Monitors serves as the federal and state monitor in procurement and integrity matters with the United States Department of Defense, Anti-money laundering, public construction, healthcare practices, false claims, professional competency, white collar crimes and other matters for federal, state and municipal agencies across the country. Mr. DiCianni is proud that Affiliated Monitors has remained true to its commitment and mission of providing effective independent monitoring which has earned the trust and respect of government authorities, attorneys, professionals and companies across the United States. The growth of the company and the success by those who have been monitored by Affiliated Monitors is an acknowledgement of the outstanding services the company provides.


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